Robot automation in bookbinding and print finishing.

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Minimising physical work and thus reducing the number of days absent due to overloading employees while at the same time increasing your performance - this is achieved with the CoBo.

Get to know the CoBo

The collaborative robot CoBo-Stack from MBO automatically takes over the setting down of the folded signatures and thus enormously reduces the physically strenuous work.

Increased folding performance through the use of MBO CoBo-Stack robotic technology. MBO's collaborative CoBo-Stack robot automatically takes over the setting down of the folded signatures, thus also reducing the physically demanding work. The CoBo-Stack is an effective, space-saving and very flexible solution.

A cobot (from the English: collaborative robot) is an industrial robot that works together with humans and is not separated from the machine operator in the production process by protective devices. In the event of contact with an obstacle, the built-in sensor system automatically switches the cobot off - so that there is no risk of injury.

In folding machines with pallet feeders, the MBO CoBo, coupled with a combination folding machine, for example, realises a folding output of 16-page factory folded sheets with_17,000 sheets/hour, reliable stacking - and all this with only one instead of two machine operators.

The operator is also relieved of heavy physical work by the MBO CoBo-Stack and can thus attend to other tasks. Due to the physical relief for the operator, even an arrangement of two opposing folders can be realised with only one operator.

The Cobot offers a clear health plus for you and your employees.

In addition to the physical relief, a significant increase in folding performance is achieved, as the entire set-down process is carried out automatically by the MBO Cobot and the operator can devote himself entirely to quality inspection and the loading process.

We at Steuber in Mönchengladbach will be happy to advise you on the subject of robot automation in bookbinding and print finishing.

You want to see the innovative technology in action? Contact us or use the contact options at the bottom of the page - we will demonstrate the MBO CoBo-Stack robot to our customers or in our showroom. You too can benefit from the technological advantage for your company.

  • Cobot - collaborative robot that does not need a protective cage.
  • Two pallet positions possible; this allows one pallet to be prepared while the other is being loaded.
  • Optical and acoustic signals to indicate different operating states.
  • Can be retrofitted to existing MBO A80 / A500 / A700 and palamides alpha 500 / 700, alpha 500 plus / 700 plus deliveries; only for output side left.
  • RAS router; remote maintenance access must be enabled by the customer. 

Our sales team will be happy to advise you on how the CoBo can relieve your employees.

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